Chitta Privacy Policy

What information do you gather?

We store your email, birthday, gender, and local time zone on our servers. In addition, each Entry records the mood level and thoughts/activity you provide to us, along with your current location. In the future, we may also store data about ambient noise level, light level, etc, for the purpose of then showing you this information.

What do you use it for?

We do some statistical calculations to show you information about yourself. We also aggregate data from other similar users to display as a benchmark. For example, if you're a woman who was born in the 1970s and currently lives in LA, you might want to see how your mood relates to other 30-something Californian women. We will never reveal any personally identifiable information, including your email, age, and gender, to another Chitta user without your express consent.

Who gets to see what?

You will be able to see everything you send us, which is the whole point. We will not show you the personal data of another user unless both parties have expressly agreed to share it, as Chitta is not a social network. We may, however, summarize other users' entries to look for interesting trends among ages, sexes, and locations, and display them to you.

Are you selling my info?

No. We have no intention of using your data for advertising purposes.

Who owns the data?

Crevalle Technologies, makers of Chitta, owns all the Entry data you send us, as well as the calculations we do on that data. You may, at any time, export all of your Entry data via your Account page. We don't want to keep anything from you or lock you into our system. Feel free to investigate your own self!

Anything else?

We want you to feel comfortable using Chitta as your own journal. Its purpose is to help you understand yourself better, and the more honest you are the more it can help. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!