About Chitta

Traditional journals are hard to keep

Many of us recognize the value of keeping a journal. It's a way to express your thoughts, work through questions, or simply record events. Even so, remembering to write in it regularly is a difficult challenge, and the entries often become sparse or one-sided. No one steps out of a party to write in their journal. Wouldn't it be better if the journal came to you?

Quickly take note of your mood, thoughts, and activities

You're busy. No problem. Chitta will send you push notifications at random times throughout the day to check in with you. With two taps you can register your current energy level and emotional state and get back to what you're doing. The seamless process also makes it easy to add your thoughts and activities at that moment to paint a more complete picture of you. Capture the normal ups and downs of a typical day.

Remember that time I did that thing...?

Never again lose an interesting thought or keen observation. Chitta has a powerful search feature that lets you instantly dig through your entries to uncover exactly what you thought about that thing while it was happening. You can also look at the surrounding entries that built up to the moment and flowed in its aftermath. How long were you hung up on that relationship, or struggled with similar problems at work?

Chitta is a tool to help you listen to and understand yourself

We believe that by connecting to yourself you can grow. Seeing your reactions to past events in your own words can be jarring at first, since we often think of our past or future selves as a different person. Memories become hazy and rose-tinted, while dreams of the future are impossibly naive. Chitta lets you see your own mental cycles of events and, hopefully, helps you rise above them.

The subconscious mind

chitta is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to your subconscious mind or memory bank. It's the mental chatter, the background noise, the primordial ooze from which your thoughts arise and then recede back into. Chitta helps you become aware of this constant stream of emotions, images, and impressions. By observing, understanding, and concentrating these mental fluctuations we can step out of the cycle of our own thoughts. We can take charge of ourselves and make intelligent decisions about how we live our lives.